How to Make One Gram Edibles

one gram cannabis edibles
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  1. I guess the one good reason for small batches of edibles is to test the potency.
    Must be a good thing for people new to baking & cooking Marijuana edibles.

    1. Splimm Team says:

      Great point! We also like the small batch edible for its grab-and-go convenience.

  2. Am says:

    Any one know if this works? Doesnt weed start to burn at 300°F?

    1. CF says:

      AM if you are still looking for an answer: Yes thc gets destroyed around like 300f-320f not quite sure but when the thc is mixed in something like butter than it never truly gets up to that temp. That’s why when you bake brownies it like 350f it doesn’t scorch the goodness because the internal temp can’t get up to oven temp.

  3. Dill T says:

    Hmm can I skip the last step just put the baked flower on a piece of bread with peanut butter?

  4. Krystian N says:

    Can you use peanut butter for this?

  5. JJ says:

    If you have no peanut butter or are allergic to nuts, would just butter work for the 22 minute step?

  6. Anna M Lopez says:

    A little advice to those suffering from over smoking lol Cbd will bring you back down. Curves the high and helps with nausea. get a CBD vape if you have a problem with this 🙂 HAppy smoking all and soft hugs!!!

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