Cannabis Alchemy: The Magical Butter Machine

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  1. MamaBear says:

    I have owned Magical Machines for about seven years. To say they are FANTASTIC is an understatement!!! As an MMJ patient who cannot smoke, being able to make butter and oil to cook and bake with is a miracle!! I had never tried marijuana until it became legal for medical use at the age of 50. I was and still am pretty clueless when it comes to strains, names, and so on, but the MagicalButter.Com machine is idiot-proof 🙂

    The assistant staff at MagicaButter are AWESOME! Garyn Angel, the AMAZING CREATOR of the device, has campaigned on new causes, such as growing Hemp, as a sustainable crop for a multitude of uses and projected income for Florida. Hemp does not contain the same properties as Cannabis. In an added bit of trivia, Our Founding Fathers wrote The U.S. Constitution on paper made of Hemp. Mr. Angel is not only a brilliant inventor but an innovator to created jobs across our Nation!

    For safety and productivity, you CANNOT GO WRONG by investing in a MagicalButter.Com Machine. It is well worth every penny in getting the very most out of your MMJ products!

    Happy “420”!

    1. Splimm Team says:

      We love ours too! It really is an incredible product! Thanks for reading, and Happy 420!

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