smoothie green cbd
CBD-Enhanced Smoothie for the Breakfast Win

This is my favorite way to start the day (besides coffee of course!): a nutritious, delicious, CBD-enhanced green smoothie that makes me feel like I can do it all!

weed for breakfast
Splimm Shows You How To Drink Weed For Breakfast So You Can Be Your Very Best Self

Because Fuck Malcom Gladwell Getting swept up in crazes makes us feel like we’re part…

nut butter cannabis infused
How to Make Cannabis Infused Nut Butter

One of our favorite ways of incorporating cannabis into our diet is through infused nut butters. Learn how to make this easy and nutritious medicated snack!

one gram cannabis edibles
How to Make One Gram Edibles

* Edibles should be consumed by experienced cannabis users at their own risk Everyone knows we…

Magical Butter Giveaway
Half-Baked Treats: Cooking at the Doctor’s House

  We’ve gathered at The Doctor’s House, in front of the Rumsford Style, salt-glazed tile…

A Collection of Winter Mocktails

We love holiday parties, but we don’t always love drinking. Sometimes we have to work…

The Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

The days after Thanksgiving have become a quasi-holiday unto themselves, filled with their own traditions…