Baltimore Cannabis Possession
Charm City Gets More Charming: Baltimore To Stop Prosecuting All Cannabis Possession

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Tuesday that her office would no longer prosecute people for cannabis possession.

Massachusetts Cannabis Cranberry Bog
Massachusetts Retail Cannabis Launch: Question & Answer

Today is fucking historic! Two years after the people of Massachusetts voted for the right…

canada legalizes cannabis
Oh, Cannabis! Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Remember this day, friends! For today Canada becomes the second nation and the first G7…

Black Canna Dad
The Highs and Lows of Being a Black Canna Dad

As low as I get thinking about prohibition and its effects on black and brown…

baltimore freddie gray war on drugs splimm
Hey White People: Talk to Your Kids about the Racist Drug War

Why cannabis consumers have a responsibility to tell their children the truth about prohibition and…

jeff sessions cole memo
Sessions Rescinds Cole Memo & Nobody’s Happy

Three days after some of the biggest headlines in marijuana history – California legalizes cannabis!…

Jeff Sessions Attorney General Splimm
Attorney General Sued for “Unconstitutional” Cannabis Law

Last week started badly for Jeff Sessions and only got worse. First it was his…

black man prison cannabis
Massachusetts Wavers on Commitment to Equity and Inclusivity

Actually, cannabis is a white man’s game. I know better than most. I’m a white…

Vermont cannabis legalization
Vermont Veto & a Possible Path to Legislative Legalization

Vermont has had the opportunity, two years in a row, to become the first state…

Oregon State Capitol SB 307
Parents Want Social Consumption, Support SB 307

This week I had the opportunity to testify in favor of Senate Bill 307 at a…