Doing Enough
I’m Nice To You, You’re Nice To Me, That Seems Fair: A Mom’s Guide To Doing Enough

7:30: Rise & Shine I wake to the sunrise, which is suddenly an hour later…

beard grooming cannabis
Get High & Get Your Beard Groomed: A Cool Dad’s Guide

Winter is hard. Your beard is too long. Take some time for self-care and grooming by eating a bunch of weed and getting your facial hair trimmed!

CBD relaxed woman
More CBD Please! How My Increasingly Unpredictable Response to THC Led Me to Embrace its Non-Intoxicating Counterpart

Without warning and much to my surprise, I’ve found myself passing on THC in favor of high-CBD cannabis. And I’m loving how I feel.

How Exercise and Weed Saved My Life: A Daily Diary

At age 41, by eliminating foods his body couldn’t handle and incorporating cannabis and exercise into a daily health routine, this dad is in the best shape of his life.

barbary coast lounge parents hiding spot
Hiding From My Kid in the Weed Shop: Barbary Coast

San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Dispensary, with its onsite consumption lounge and dab bar, is unique…

New Year’s Resolution: Use More Marijuana

Why you should consider adding cannabis to your daily routine this year – even if…

Cylvia Hayes resiliency coaching
Splimming with Cylvia Hayes: Resiliency for Changemakers

We hear a lot about resiliency these days – how mindset can determine outcomes, and…

PPD Cannabis Good Housekeeping
Cannabis for PPD in Good Housekeeping

We’re learning more every day about the benefits of cannabis. And while it’s generally accepted…

Splimm Cannabis Ritual Home
Cannabis Catharsis: Retreat, Ritual, Respite

When we were younger My wife and I work in Baltimore offices a block apart.…

Splimm Cannabis LGBTQA Pride
On Cannabis, Shapeshifting, and LGBTQA Pride

Gender & sexuality are messy and layered There is a lot of complexity around the…