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Charm City Gets More Charming: Baltimore To Stop Prosecuting All Cannabis Possession

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced on Tuesday that her office would no longer prosecute people for cannabis possession.

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Massachusetts Retail Cannabis Launch: Question & Answer

Today is fucking historic! Two years after the people of Massachusetts voted for the right to possess and purchase legal cannabis, the first dispensaries opened their doors to a veteran, a Mayor, and hundreds of enthusiastic consumers. We couldn’t be…

Oh, Cannabis! Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Remember this day, friends! For today Canada becomes the second nation and the first G7 country to fully legalize cannabis for adult use. The move comes years after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to clean up the illicit market, curb…

Growing Up

My daughter came downstairs an hour after she was supposed to be in bed. I had recently smoked marijuana and had just witnessed one of the greatest runs of basketball I’d ever seen, the Celtics coming back from a 24-point deficit…

Splimming with Stormy Simon: Changing Minds In Cannabis

Stormy Simon knows what it takes to change minds and build a brand. As VP of Branding for, where she started as a temp, Simon oversaw the company growth from 250 million dollars in revenue to 500 million at…